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Guidelines for Haj 1429 (H) - 2008

Gram : "hajcommittee"
Phone : 022- 2261 2989 (6 lines)
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IVRS : 022 - 2261 8862 (4 lines)
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(Constituted under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002)
Haj House, 7-A, M.R.A. Marg (Palton Road)
Mumbai - 400 001.

Haj Committee of India feels pleasure in issuing this set of Regulations for the benefit of Intending Pilgrims. The Pilgrims are requested to read these carefully before filling the Application Form.


i. Haj Committee of India constituted under the Act of Parliament (No.35 of 2002) is empowered to make arrangements for Indian Pilgrims in India only under the present norms. On reaching at Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah airport the responsibility to look after the Pilgrims and to redress their grievances is that of the Indian Consulate stationed at Jeddah, whereas the Haj Committee of India is committed to monitor the facilities made available to the Pilgrims and in case of any shortcomings shall invite attention of concerned Officers towards the same. The role of Haj Committee of India is rather advisory so far as arrangements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is concerned. Air India is the nodal agency and as such fully responsible for any shortcomings in the air transportation of Pilgrims and retrieval of belongings, if found loss and / or not carried alongwith the Haj Pilgrim from India to Saudi Arabia and back. Pilgrims are requested to understand the limitations of Haj Committee of India and should desist defaming and maligning Haj Committee of India unnecessarily.

ii. All the Intending Pilgrims are informed that Haj Committee of India has no administrative relations with any individual, agency or association to conduct the Haj affairs, except the duly constituted State Haj Committees.

iii. Be it known to all the concerned that any extra amount charged by any institution or individual shall not facilitate the Pilgrim concerned for any preferential treatment. Pilgrims are, therefore, warned that they should not fall prey to the appeals of any such elements and report such incident to Chief Executive Officer, Haj Committee of India, Mumbai directly on Fax No.022-2263 0461.

iv. The application should be submitted through the State Haj Committee of the State of residence only and Embarkation / Disembarkation Point for travelling to Saudi Arabia and back shall also be strictly in accordance with the same.

v. Those Shia Pilgrims who want to opt JOHFA as Meeqat should mark the same in the Haj Application Form for which they are required to pay additional amount of SAR.110/-.



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